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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

What Is Property Sale Deed In Ghaziabad, Everything You Need To Know.

What Is a Sale Deed? Also, known as purchase deed, a sale deed is considered to the most important legal document at the time of buying or selling property in India. A sale deed allows you to register the property and also proceed further with mutation of the property. It is drawn upon by a legal draftsmen on a non-judicial stamp paper according to the value mentioned in the stamp duty act. 

When you sign the sale deed, there must be at least two witnesses who could justify that proper sale deed has been signed between the buyer and seller. Remember your transaction will not be considered as legally valid if you buy Ghaziabad property with signing a sale deed.

Details Required In Sale Deed 

There are certain details that must be present in a sale deed, in order to be legalized. Some of the major details include -

1. Type of deed: It might necessarily be not a case of selling properties. The seller might want to lease or mortgage their property. So, it should be specifically mentioned in the agreement, if it is a deed of mortgage or deed of sale.

2. Property description: There should be a complete description of the property in the sale deed. Everything should be included in the sale deed agreement, for example, location of the property, construction area, plot area, number of balconies, and number of rooms.

3. Parties involved in the agreement: Including the details of the parties involved in the agreement is also very important, for example, residential addresses, names and ages of both the parties.

How To Execute The Sale Deed?

To execute the sale deed, both the parties and the witnesses must be present at the local sub-registrar's office to sign the property deed. Don’t forget to carry all the essential documents. The process of registration begins after signing the sale deed. Also, one can easily find the certified copy of the registered property at the sub-registrar's office. In case you wish to transfer the property ownership to your son/ daughter or any loved one, you will have to use a quit claim deed for ownership transfer.

If you are planning to purchase flats in Nh 24 Ghaziabad or at any other location, do keep an eye on the sale deed agreement.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Whether To Buy a Ready To Move In Or Under Construction Flats

Looking for a lucrative Ghaziabad property? Wondering whether to buy ready to move in or under construction flats? If yes, you are at the right place. This article highlights all the potential pros and cons of choosing either of the two options. Scroll down to get the details and select the ideal option.

Ready To Move In Flats


  • The ready to move flats in Ghaziabad are known for their instant availability. Hence, you need not to wait for long. Simply make the payment, clear all the legal formalities and move-in. 
  • These types of flats are also free from GST implication.
  • With ready to move flats, you can check all the features, amenities, facilities and layout of the flat, before actually purchasing the same. 
  • One thing that often restricts the buyer from purchasing these flats is its high cost. They are generally expensive than under-construction property. 
  • Unless bought from a reputed builder, these flats might not always ensure that you are buying a newly constructed home. They might be available for sale for a long time. 
  • With these flats, you can never be sure about the quality of construction or materials used. Hence, always look for RERA certified flats.
Under Construction Flats

  • It is mandatory for under construction properties to be registered under RERA. Hence, you can be ascertained about the fair trade practices.
  • Owing to the extended window period, under construction flats tend to yield higher returns. 
  • What is promised, may not be available at the time of possession. Hence, it results in deficient amenities and changed layout. 
  • Under construction property buyers are bound to pay 12% GST of the total property cost. Registration charges and stamp duty must be paid separately. 
  • Some builders often fail to deliver the project on time or hold the projects suddenly due to one or the other reason. Hence, do look for only RERA certified builders. 
Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages as stated above. Hence, it is completely your call to check which one suits your need. To make things simpler, do take some time to research the market and analyze what you actually want. Based on that, look for the ideal property in Ghaziabad. Just make sure that the builder and type of flat option you choose, should be RERA certified.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Why We Love Living And Working In Our City Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is the most popular city of NCR today. The popularity has grown to such extreme a limit that people who used to look down upon the city in the past, are now eagerly searching for the right property here.
Its sad to say that the city was backward in accepting developments and was known for all the bad reasons that you can think of. However, the way this city has transformed into the fastest developing city in NCR, is truly commendable. No other city in the surrounding region can match the significant improvements shown by the city. This is why the local residents feel proud to say that they live and work in Ghaziabad.

Major Reasons Why We Love Our City Ghaziabad
Due to improved living conditions, infrastructural developments and several others reasons, people living in Delhi, Noida (on rent) and even other states of India are purchasing property in Ghaziabad, both for investment and living purposes. 
Lets discuss these major points below -
1. Infrastructural Developments
Within the past few years, Ghaziabad has shown several infrastructural developments, which have completely revamped the look of the city. Hindon elevated road, New Bus Adda - Dilshad Garden metro, grade separator at Meerut crossing, NH 24 widening, Northern Peripheral Road and link between elevated road and Northern Peripheral Expressway are all examples of major developments in the city. 
2. Living conditions 
Living conditions in Ghaziabad have considerably improved due to the infrastructural developments mentioned above and the urge of people to improve their quality of living. Today people want to make sure that the place where they live gives them access to modern amenities, clean and green space, easy transportation etc.; and Ghaziabad is the right place that offers more than this to every resident. 
3. Employment opportunities 
With the transformation of the city, several employment opportunities have also evolved in the city, which commit lucrative salary packages and good working environment to the employees. Hence, people living in Ghaziabad need not to shift to other states, searching for a job.
4. Housing Projects 
Another major reason why people love living in the city is the availability of lucrative housing projects. Projects such as LandCraft offer pocket-friendly ready to move flats in Ghaziabad, inclusive of all types of modern amenities and facilities. Hence, right within your budget, you can get access to a home that fulfills all your needs. 
Apart from great housing solutions, one can also have access to commercial shops in Ghaziabad, which defines why a person living in this city enjoys a sumptuous life.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Real Estate Society That You Will Love In First Sight - LandCraft GolfLinks

The concept of real estate society is quickly getting popular in Ghaziabad. Although the concept is not new, yet it got adopted in the city a bit late. The only reason behind this is that the city was neither developed nor in the developing phase. Now that it is on its route to become a developed city, people are speedily accepting the society culture. 

So, if you are planning to purchase 1, 2 or 3 bhk ready to move flats in Ghaziabad, do check different housing societies in the city. Today, there are multiple real estate societies that offer you the best of the best amenities along with an opportunity to live at a quiet, clean and green place.
One of the most popular housing societies is GolfLinks NH24 Ghaziabad. This is a prestigious project of LandCraft that commits a contemporary and fulfilling lifestyle to you. Once you visit the place, you will simply fall in love with it. Right from shops Ghaziabad to flats and plots in Ghaziabad, you can find all types of residential properties here.

Here are some of the potential reasons why you should purchase a home here -

1. NH 24
Without any doubt, NH 24 is the major reason why investing in GolfLinks is a fantastic idea. Once the NH 24 widening project is complete, there would be improved connectivity between Ghaziabad and Noida. Also, the traffic congestion issues would come to an end. Hence, if you study or have a job in Noida or Delhi, GolfLinks becomes the perfect destination.

2. Amenities
This project is widely known for the diverse range of amenities offered to the buyers. Some of the major amenities include -
  • Round-the-clock safety and security features
  • Shopping plaza
  • Ample parking space
  • Modern gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Banquet
  • Theatre 
  • Library 
  • Medical and educational facilities in close proximity
  • Safe play area for children
  • Crystal club facilities 
  • Earthquake resistant structures 
3. A Green Posh Locality

Every middle class person dreams of living in posh flats or villas In Ghaziabad. But often their sky rocketing price deprives them from fulfilling their desire. However, with GolfLinks, you can live your dream in a posh locality that is clean and green. 
To put it simple, GolfLinks is one-of-a-kind housing project that understands every bit of your housing needs, and therefore gives you fulfilling atmosphere to live in. 
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