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Thursday, 16 January 2020

2 BHK Flats in Ghaziabad in NH 24

Finding a home might be a complicated task for many potential buyers. There are a plethora of factors that play a crucial role in deciding the right property. Some of the factors to consider are location, connectivity, location, affordability and availability of properties. While Noida has already engraved a place for itself as the best residential destination, Ghaziabad is improving quickly with its host of commercial and residential properties. There are multiple real estate options in Ghaziabad offering ample choices to homebuyers. Let’s just go through all the points that are must to consider while exploring and deciding on the best flats In Ghaziabad.
Affordable Home Loans for Property in Ghaziabad
Freehold Property – Loans Are Available Easily
It’s worth mentioning that Ghaziabad has its hand in freehold properties. The properties in Ghaziabad especially in NH24 are clear and free from all liabilities and delivers ageless ownership. This is the reason why getting an inexpensive loan from reputed banks and financial institutions are easy for the buyers.
Properties in Ghaziabad Are Affordable
If you consider that only Noida has the most affordable housing options, you are wrong. It’s important to note that the average value of the property is nearly the same in Noida as well as Ghaziabad. Both the location, mainly Ghaziabad offers affordable housing options for low to medium budget buyers. Thus, it can be counted as a reason why home buyers prefer Ghaziabad NH24 location more.
Excellent Connectivity
It would be unfair not to talk about connectivity. Ghaziabad is perfectly connected with Delhi and NCR cities. The constant growing metro network has perforated deeper in the heart of Ghaziabad making it convenient for the people living there to travel to various NCR cities for education, jobs, etch. For example, flats in Ghaziabad are situated in a location that has metro connectivity and commuters can commute to other NCR cities easily.
Availability of Properties
Ghaziabad has a huge listing available for home buyers. Professionals believe that Ghaziabad has been blessed to experience fast-paced development with plenty of prestigious projects that have been launched by the State Government in recent times. Therefore, Ghaziabad is the best location for those who are seeking ready to move 2 BHK flats inGhaziabad. Noida has more than one lack of units coming up in recent times, but Ghaziabad is already ready for possession properties, so there is no wasting of time.
Hence, Ghaziabad has distinctive features and benefits that make the location a suitable choice for real estate investment by the buyers whose prime concern is affordability. Identifying your requirements and budget before buying a property would be the best way to make the right decision.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Tips to Shift New Home

Home shifting can be very hectic and extremely emotional, where you have to leave the comforts of the known and adjust in unknown surroundings. Added to this is the huge load of moving your belongings and making sure that you leave no room for errors.
Here, you will find best house shifting tips to stay organized and enjoy your shifting experience throughout the day. So, if you are planning to shift to your new Ready to move 2 BHKflats in Ghaziabad, follow these tips:
Decide The Moving Date And Start The Packing Job:
Start the moving process by fixing up and scheduling your moving dates. This is the biggest factor to consider if your present home and new home has a certain distance. Next is packing, its an extensive affair and can be much extensive than you can imagine. Therefore, without underestimating it, start packing few weeks before you shift.
Plan for an Organized and Selective Packing:
First of all, dear it’s not a freaking out process. Rather, think about what you will need immediately after shifting and pack suitably. Pack the not-so-necessary things afterwards or it can be dumped in storage. A well-organized and selective packing will not just deduct some stress level but also offer you sufficient space to decorate things in your new home as per your liking.
Apart from these, there are more things to mention not for your present home but for your new home.
Clean The New Home Before Shifting:
Forget your lipstick, perfume, shampoo or whatever you want but don’t ever forget to clean your new house before shifting as it might leave you with some hectic experience that you might not enjoy. Moving to a clean atmosphere will freshen up your mood to start a new journey. 
Set Up Proper Security System:
In case if your home is not satisfying you with proper security features, then you must include some security system according to your preferences. Knowing that you and your belongings are safe will give you some peace of mind. Oh! One more thing to include that doesn’t forget to change the home locking system. 
Unpack The Boxes:
Once you are done with the entire shifting thing, start with unpacking the boxes by checking labels. Don’t rush, unpack one item situate it in the desired place and then start with another one. It’s better if you start with kitchen and bedroom.
Phew! That was crazy isn’t it? Reading this might left you feeling that you have already shifted. So, shift to your new Flats in Ghaziabad with full convenience.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Tips to Live Luxurious Life in Limited Budget

Do you often crave for a luxury lifestyle? Do you wish to treat yourself like the absolute best?
For a middle-class person, living a luxurious life always remains a dream, as trying to live an affluent lifestyle, like your favourite celebrities, is equal to emptying your savings and bank account. However, there are certain tips, following which, you can live the so-called luxurious life on a budget.
Tips for a Luxurious Life in Budget
1. Credit Card Perks
Did you ever imagine that you can actually use your credit card perks to lead a luxurious life? You can fly to any destination in business class flights for free through your credit card points.
2. Cook Meal At Home
An easiest way to stay healthy and feel luxurious is to cook food at home. For the first six days, enjoy your home-made healthy food and on the seventh day order a lavish meal online. There are many popular restaurants near Raj Nagar Ghaziabad apartments. So, you can even visit any of them on the seventh day.
3. Pick The Off-Season
Travelling on a budget is actually successful if you choose to travel during the off-season. At peak time, the flight rates, hotel charges, everything is expensive. So, the off-season is the best and do not forget to select locations that are beautiful, yet affordable.
4. Give Yourself Birthday Presents
At least once in a year, you can definitely gift yourself a perfect gift to cherish. Save the entire year and it is your birthday week, purchase the ideal gift that you were yearning for since a long time. At some select stores, you may even get an exclusive birthday discount.
5. Involve In Product Testing
The simplest trick for a wealthy lifestyle to sign up with a company involved in product testing. If you agree to use the products and provide feedback, the brands will give you their products at practically no cost. This way you can try out different branded products without actually spending your money.
6. Go For a Capsule Wardrobe
The minimalistic way to be luxurious is to create a capsule wardrobe, i.e. buy less and spend more time on buying pieces of clothing that can be worn in different ways. For example, a crop top can be worn with a skirt, shorts or even jeans.
With these simple tips, living in the ordinary flats in Ghaziabad will make you feel as if you are living at a luxurious destination with a flamboyant budget to spend. Get started today!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Best Place to Invest In Property in Ghaziabad 2019-20

With improving physical and social infrastructure in the city, Ghaziabad is turning into the hottest property destination in Delhi-NCR region. Single couples, nuclear families, millennial and all other types of buyers are eyeing upon affordable flats in Ghaziabad. So, if you too wish to invest in real estate, Ghaziabad is the best location to get started with.
As the city hosts a number of micro-markets, it might be very difficult for you to invest in the right property that yields better returns. At one hand, where some micro-markets may not be that good for investment, at the other hand, there are some micro markets that commit to offer the best returns.
Listed below are some of the best micro-markets in Ghaziabad that should be on your property investment list in 2019-20.
1. Crossing Republic
Adorned with high-rise apartments, Crossing Republic has evolved as one of the most popular township projects in Ghaziabad. You will be amazed to know that it has an exclusive pin code for itself and is a combination of Dundahera and Shahberi villages. Being close to NH 24, it also gives you instant connectivity to Noida, Delhi and other places.
2. Raj Nagar Extension
Another popular destination in the list is Raj Nagar Extension on NH 58 bypass. It connects NH 58 with NH 24, making it easy for the commuters to travel Delhi, Noida, Indirapuram, Gurugram, Modinagar, Meerut etc. In addition, it offers instant metro connectivity with Hindon elevated road to reduce your travelling time to Delhi to just 10 minutes.
3. Indirapuram
Right from quality homes, to better connectivity and sumptuous living benefits, Indirapuram offers everything to you. The only thing that may restrict you from buying flats here is its expensive property. It specifically targets people with a good salary package. So, if your budget allows, do look for a property here, or else switch to other option.
4. NH 58
The most affordable option in the list is NH 58. Despite being located at a prime location, most of the flats in Nh58 Ghaziabad are very friendly to the pocket of the middle-income group of individuals. Hence, this location can best serve your housing needs.
5. NH 24
This location is also known as a return-yielding and pocket-friendly (obviously not as NH 58) destination in Ghaziabad. With superb connectivity to Noida, Delhi and NH 24 widening project, the property value is expected to increase in the upcoming future. So, if you invest today, you can reap great benefits tomorrow.
What are you waiting for? Invest in your favorite 2 bhk flat in Ghaziabad today as the prices are quite favorable to the potential buyers today.
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