Friday, 22 May 2020

Factors that Look Banks Before Granting You a Home Loan

Most people find it very difficult to buy their new home without getting a home loan from traditional banks. However, one essential aspect that you have to consider is that the approval of the loan is not an easy process. Most people do not even know about the things that are needed for acquiring the home loan. Banks have the power to reject home loan applications because of multiple factors, based on the credit history, the home builder’s reputation, the credit score, the location of a specific property, and most essentially, the relationship that you share with the bank.
At certain times, two people who have the same credit scores can uncover many outcomes linked with the application of home loans. Few banks have the option of internal scores, which are utilized for knowing whether a particular person is eligible for the home loan for Ready to move 2 BHK flats in Ghaziabad or not.

Listed below is a list of the common factors that banks consider before approving home loans.
Credit history
Banks prefer lending money to people who have good financial conditions. Credit scores are responsible for depicting many things about current financial health. Whether you are giving your EMI on time or your default can easily be checked through the credit report. This credit report is usually maintained by multiple bureaus. Usually, a credit score of 800 is considered to be the best score. Nevertheless, if the score is less than 300, the application for a home loan can be rejected.
Specific occupations are considered by the banks. For instance, government employees are given priorities as the job they have is stable. After the government employees, banks consider those people who are linked with blue-chip doctors and companies. Next, lawyers, accountants, as well as engineers are preferred. Also, people who are working in private companies or are self-employed get low scores. Occupation is undoubtedly the most important factor that is considered when a home loan is upraised.
Age is an essential factor that banks consider before providing home loans for Flats in Ghaziabad. People between the age group of 30 and 50 years are considered by banks because they tend to be financially stable in comparison to the other age groups.
Another essential factor that banks consider is the distance of a specific property from the financing bank branch when loans get sanctioned. For instance, as stated by the banks of the public sector, properties within the town or city limits are given more importance.
So these were some points that banks consider before giving you a home loan.


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