Monday, 26 March 2018

Flats in Ghaziabad within Range of 35-70 Lakh

What can be better than a housing solution that is not just friendly to your pocket, but also a perfect trend-setter for a contemporary living!! This is the very reason why the modern man prefers Ghaziabad as the ultimate destination for his “home sweet home”. At present, property in Ghaziabad is soaring high in terms of value – be it for a buyer, a seller or even a property agent. People from different corners of the country, consider this city as the ‘posh’ center of NCR region. Henceforth, they purchase or/and construct as well as sell their properties at higher returns. So, don’t you think buying any kind of property, say, flats in Ghaziabad, is a worthwhile deal?

Breaking the Myth
It’s a huge problem with prospective customers that they believe the rates of flats in NH 24 to be towering day by day. They have a misconception that private builders sell off their condos or flats at an unfeasible rate. Obviously, some builders do that; but, not all of them.

Landcraft is known to be one of the staunchest builders, who aim for a solid foundation, keeping perfect harmony with the buyers’ dreams. Not just this, the real estate builder also guarantees a feasible property rate inclusive of all modern amenities and facilities. Within a moderate budget range of 35 to 70 lakh, a customer can choose from a variety of flats, as per his needs.

Few Salient Highlights 
If you are really looking forward to Ghaziabad, NH 24 and Raj Nagar Extension (amongst others) are two very popular residential locations, at the moment. These locations are exemplary of what you call a ‘fulfilling lavish life’. Also, amalgamation of these locations with Landcraft is an added bonus to you. Here are some highlights to help you understand – 

a) Rock Bottom Rates
As mentioned earlier, the rates here are very affordable and feasible for both middle class and high class society buyers.  

b) Ease of Travel 
No matter, you consider NH 24 or NH 58 (Raj Nagar Extension), it is for sure that you’ll have complete ease of travelling to your respective workplaces (such as Noida, Greater Noida, Gurugram etc.)

c) Top Facilities 
The 2 bhk flats In Ghaziabad – offered by LandCraft – are not mere constructions; they are a complete package of strong resistant buildings with alluring facilities and amenities. 
To sum it up in simple words, Ghaziabad = NH 24/NH 58 = Landcraft. This is the perfect equation that every potential buyer must follow. 


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